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The past:

spiaggia 61 in a post card datated 1905....

the 30th


a panoramic view

Enrico (the manager)

Valeriano and Marisa

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Bathing Establishmet Spiaggia 61

Lungomare Repubblica - spiaggia 61
I 47838 Riccione -Italy


INFO: Tel +390541606720


where we are:


Della Rosa Family

Viale Toti, 14

I 47838 Riccione - Italy




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The first beach on internet!

a panormic view from the sea::

The - Spiaggia 61 Della Rosa - bathing establishment, number 61, is situated in the greenest and most peaceful part of Riccione, Abissinia area, only a few minutes from the famous Ceccarini street and the same distance from the Spa. Founded at the end of the last century, it has always been managed by the Della Rosa family. Forward-looking, not by chance the first Riccione beach on internet, though never sight of their traditions, the Della Rosa family greets you and wishes you a pleasant journey trhough internet! Thank you for visiting us! We look forward to seeing you in Riccione!



She'll give you a personal welcome , and if you click on her image....she'll follow you in to the sea....


Don't amazed you, there are normal presence on spiaggia 61....

Every morning, from "spiaggia 61" in Riccione, Enrico Della Rosa presents: the weather forecasts onRadio Deejay
(at 8,20 o'clock)

Incredible!!!! If you click on the drawing, you'll see the new Enrico's page, with the complete press review!!!! Incredible!!!!

A bathing-hut, a surprise!

You'll find: Ferrari (from radio Deejay), Enrico...misterious, the entrance, the snow and...to open the last door, you must be an adult....

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